How to take scenic and travel photos that stand out and tell a great story

But it may be that when your friends want to see the pictures, you start looking for ways to conceal them. Or, your friends DON'T EVER ASK to see your pictures, even if you'd love to show them. Or your pictures may be fine, but fine isn't good enough for you. There is an art to taking pictures that MOVE, that SPEAK, that CAPTURE YOUR FANCY.

I have done travel and scenic photography for years, and have had many pictures published in travel publications. I've read up about photography, to be sure, but nothing equals the skills I've developed by just doing it. So here, for you from me, is a step by step action plan filled with important photography tips. Take pictures that will inspire, captivate, and move. Here's your free guide to travel photography.

travel photography in the Adirondacks

Travel Photography Tips and Plan 1: Assemble your tools.

Tools for travelphotography are more than just the camera. They are an understanding of what makes a technically correct photograph as well as a creatively vibrant photograph. I call this technique the Active Photo Technique, and here it is, when you click.


Travel Photography Tips and Plan 2: Take The Pictures And Create The Album

Here's a step by step plan to use all that you assembled in section one to best effect. You'll plan your shoot, implement it with your creative genius and newly trained eye, and assemble the resulting beauty in an album that is more than jst an album of pictures. It's a work of art!


So here we go. Onward to your

Scenic Photography Guide: Travelphotography