Tips and Techniqies for How to Photograph People

Any time you take a picture of a person, you become a portrait photographer. When photographing people, there is a world of difference between average, bad, and extraordinary.

You can be an extraordinary people photographer by following the simple rules in this guide.

A few simple changes in the way you photograph people will make you into a real artist.

I have friends who always show me their pictures from their vacation. Those pictures are invariably of all of their family and friends in that location. And every single picture has people lined up against a wall, wearing "cheese" induced smiles. It's not necessarily bad, and sometimes there is no choice, but often you can do so much more!

This guide will help you with both the technical and artistic aspects of photographing people. It is more geared towards doing a proper portrait, but many elements may be adapted for whatever your photographic needs may be.

As with all Get It Done plans, it is presented in step-by-step by format. Enjoy.

  1. Part One: Preparing the Essentials for Photographing People
  2. Part Two: Photographic Lighting for Photographing People
  3. Part Three: Take the Photos, Edit, Print The Digital Picture