Kodak Advantix C750 APS Date Camera

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from: Kodak

  • Advanced 2.5x zoom lens
  • Flip Flash Plus (Top Flash Plus)
  • Versatile Mid-Roll Change (MRC)
  • Passive, Multi-spot autofocus
 : Kodak Advantix C750 APS Date Camera

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Product Description:
Kodak Advantix C750 Battery. This is a 3 Volt, Lithium Battery . Dimensions: 1.34 x 1.34 x 0.65. 100% OEM compatible.

With its 24-60mm lens (2.5x), the Kodak Advantix C750 camera lets you zoom in for intimate close-ups and back out again for group shots. For those occasions when you can't zoom out far enough, you can switch to panorama mode and capture that sweeping landscape or get the whole group. To ensure that you always know what your image will look like, the C750 uses a real-image viewfinder that works no matter what print format (C, H, or P) you're using. The handy midroll change feature lets you switch film cartridges at any time. This lets you share your camera, but keep your film separate; you can also switch between black-and-white and color film or organize your images by theme.

The C750 flip-up flash sits up far enough from the lens to help reduce the unsightly red-eye effect often caused by flash photography. The C750 automatically adjusts its flash settings, including close-up flash and fill-flash, to give you realistic results under all lighting situations. Even if your main subject is off-center, the wide-area sensor and smart multispot autofocus system detect it and bring the subject into sharp focus. Kodak includes the APS magnetic information exchange system to record the data from each scene. This data is recorded on your film's magnetic strip to help your local photo lab optimize the lighting and color of your prints.

To protect your exposed film, the C750 has a safety interlock film door that won't open until it senses your film is completely wound back in the protective cartridge. This camera also looks after your battery power by turning itself off after 150 second of non-use. You can also include the date and one of 41 messages, in 12 languages, on the back of each print.


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